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Fushigi Yuugi Tagalog: 1x49

Wedding Celebration

Keisuke tells Miaka that summoning a beast god means becoming a sacrifice for it. Yui calls, Miaka tells her that Suboshi is dead, and they both agree to go to school the next day. Keisuke begs Tamahome to return to the Universe of the Four Gods. Miaka informs Yui about Nakago’s deceit and gives her a letter written by Okuda explaining what the beast gods are. Yui runs off and notices scales on her arm. Nakago kills the Emperor of Kutou and orders his family and government killed. Miaka runs home and catches Tamahome preparing to return. Miaka begs Tamahome not to leave and Tamahome asks to have a wedding ceremony. They have a wedding ceremony and Nakago appears before Yui. Yui confirms what Miaka told her and runs away from Nakago. Tamahome finds Yui and Nakago catches up. Nakago tells Tamahome his plans for conquest and Tamahome tells Nakago that they are characters in a book. They fight, but Tamahome is still no match for Nakago.

Mar. 07, 1996

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