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Fushigi Yuugi Tagalog: 1x39

Bewitched Illusions

Soi reveals to Miaka that Nakago failed to rape her and that Tomo is fighting Tamahome and has him trapped. Amiboshi helps destroys Tomo’s illusion creating shell with his flute. Miaka arrives and Tamahome defeats Tomo. Miaka excitedly tells Tamahome that she is unspoiled. Amiboshi is trapped and Tamahome is stabbed and dragged off a cliff by Tomo (They only defeated an illusion of him). Tomo traps Miaka with an illusion created from her life force. He explains to Amiboshi that because of the manner in which the illusion was created Miaka is trapped inside the illusion physically, as opposed to just mentally. Tomo puts himself into the illusion as Aono, with the intention of taking Maika’s virginity. He uses the illusion to convince Miaka that she has a crush on him. Miaka sees Tamahome’s name in a book she is studying and becomes confused. Aono stops by and gives her his older brothers lucky exam pencil, putting an end to her confusion. Miaka agrees to go out with him. Aono asks if he can call her “Miaka” and asks her to call him “Tomo.” Back in the real world, Keisuke calls their mother and explains to her that they did not return home because Miaka is studying with him and Tetsuya.

Dec. 28, 1995

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