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Fushigi Yuugi Tagalog: 1x38

Dawn of the Heart

It is revealed that Soi slipped Tamahome a potion when they kissed at the end of the last episode. Mitsukake’s cat sees through Soi’s illusion and tries to warn Tamahome, but does not succeed. Amiboshi offers Miaka a forgetfulness leaves potion to help her forget her painful past and she almost accepts them, but remembers Nuriko, Tamahome, and the rest of the Suzaku Seven and declines. Tamahome refuses the fake Miaka as not to ruin any chance they may still have to summon Suzaku. Amiboshi regains his memory and Miaka resolves to find Yui and help her summon Seiryuu. After Soi fails to drain Tamahome, Tomo reveals himself. Kutou soldiers attack Makan Village and Amiboshi kills them using his flute powers. After defeating the soldiers, Amiboshi senses Tomo. Tomo tells Tamahome of the rest of the Suzaku Seven who are stuck in his illusion slowly dying and attacks Tamahome. Amiboshi senses Tamahome, but Miaka does not want to see Tamahome. Amiboshi, wanting to help, goes to bring him back. As he departed his adoptive father gives him a vial of forgetfulness leaves juice (which also can be used to diminish pain from wounds). Instead of waiting for Amiboshi to return, as she was instructed, Miaka runs off to find Yui and runs into Soi.

Dec. 21, 1995

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